The right words for your time-pressed clients, members, or customers

MBF Communications, based in Wisconsin, is a freelance writing and desktop publishing business that has worked with clients across the U.S. Those business and organization clients have included:

  • the veterinary industry
  • human health care
  • personal finance
  • green processes/geothermal
  • manufacturing
  • home improvement
  • education
  • agriculture/organics
  • equine-, feline-, canine-focused publications

If you want someone who knows how to research and write captivating news and/or feature articles for your in-house, niche, or consumer publications,

I’ve done that for years and won awards for it!

If you have run out of ideas and want someone to write engaging posts for  your social media accounts,

Let me write about the many amazing things there are about your business or organization,  its products or services, its people, and your great members or clients.

If you want someone who can grab the reins of your member or client newsletter,

I’ve been creating newsletters for years! I can research and write copy or edit client-supplied information; use your graphics or create images; and provide online-ready and printer-ready files.

Winner of:

  • 2020 American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE)
                Regional Gold Award, how-to article
  • 2019 ASPBE Regional Silver Award, how-to article
  • 2017 ASBPE Regional Silver Award, technical article
  • 2017 ASBPE Regional Bronze Award, technical article
  • 2017 APEX Awards for Publication Excellence
              Award of Excellence, how-to article
  • 2016 Dog Writers Association of America, rescue article
  • 2015 ASBPE Regional Gold Award, technical article

Learn more! Contact me today: Maureen (at)