Consider adopting a senior pet

There are many great dogs and cats waiting for a home but being overlooked — just because they are older. Yet they may be the perfect companion you seek: used to living in a home, potty-trained, know basic commands, and beyond the frenzy of a youngster. Consider what you can offer a senior pet and what it can mean to you in this article I wrote for AAHA’s PetsMatter.

Ideas to protect your horse property

Thefts happen in barns, at horse shows, and from pastures. Fortunately, there are many ways to safeguard yourself, from high-tech gadgetry to watchful neighbors. But first you have to educate yourself and, most of all, don’t ever think it can’t happen to you, Here’s an article I wrote for The Horse that looks at how to keep your animals , possessions, and people safe.

Don’t ignore pet’s fear of loud noises

You know your pet fears loud noises. Fireworks. A storm’s thunder or cracks of lightning. The gunshots of hunting season. You might think it will get over it, but it’s nothing to ignore. Noise phobia is a serious condition that may cause a pet to injure itself or damage property.

Read about noise phobia in pets in an article I wrote for AAHA’s PetsMatter.