That final day for a beloved pet

You love your old pet but you know it won’t live forever. Learn how planning for that final day can make it especially comforting for your dearly loved companion in this article I wrote for AAHA’s PetsMatter.

Pet cremation an option to consider

Pet parents all have to face that day when their companion can no longer carry on. Whether it is debilitating old age, terrible accident, or life-sapping disease, the end comes. Then you have to think about what to do with their remains. Cremation may be an option you want to consider. Read more about it in my article for PetsMatter.

Good books for animal lovers

Did Santa bring you some delightful animal books? And now you want to read more? You can find some wonderful suggestions for animal books selected by librarians from across the country in this article I wrote for the PetsMatter blog of the American Animal Hospital Association. Enjoy!