Ideas to protect your horse property

Thefts happen in barns, at horse shows, and from pastures. Fortunately, there are many ways to safeguard yourself, from high-tech gadgetry to watchful neighbors. But first you have to educate yourself and, most of all, don’t ever think it can’t happen to you, Here’s an article I wrote for The Horse that looks at how to keep your animals , possessions, and people safe.

Don’t ignore pet’s fear of loud noises

You know your pet fears loud noises. Fireworks. A storm’s thunder or cracks of lightning. The gunshots of hunting season. You might think it will get over it, but it’s nothing to ignore. Noise phobia is a serious condition that may cause a pet to injure itself or damage property.

Read about noise phobia in pets in an article I wrote for AAHA’s PetsMatter.


That final day for a beloved pet

You love your old pet but you know it won’t live forever. Learn how planning for that final day can make it especially comforting for your dearly loved companion in this article I wrote for AAHA’s PetsMatter.