Writing & design work

MBF Communications provides writing and design work for clients across the U.S.

My clients are in veterinary care, pet care, niche and custom publishing, human health care, manufacturing, small business, home improvement, finance, education, travel, organic agriculture, senior services, and green processes.

Services include:

  • researching/writing articles for consumer, niche, custom publications
  • writing copy/posts for client websites, blogs, e-newsletters, e-magazines
  • creating copy for client newsletters, brochures, internal communications
  • developing copy for textbook chapters
  • authoring leveled readers for elementary grades
  • writing fiction and nonfiction manuscripts for children
  • writing fiction and nonfiction manuscripts for young adults and adults
  • writing/designing communication materials for target audiences
  • creating designs for posters, drive-up banners, web banners
  • creating and distributing press releases

How might MBF Communications help you?
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