Some of my writing and design work is exclusively for the members, target audiences, or employees of clients. However, some writing projects are available for the public to view online. A few samples are below.

Further down, you will find a few examples of my design work.
If you have questions, please contact me.

Consumer interest/Home improvement:
“20 Ways to Save Money on Heat This Winter,”
Garage Door Inspiration Gallery,
“Rethinking space needs as families grow,™
Personalize your kitchen countertops,”™

“Investment Services Cement Member Relationships,” Credit Union magazine
“Accurate Credit Report Does You Good,” CUNA Resource Center

“Green Homes—Window Treatments,™
“Xeriscaping and water-friendly landscaping,”™
“Green Homes-Heating and Air Quality,”™

Health Care:
“10 Ways to Help Employees Stand Up for Better Health,” Impro-Med e-newsletter
“Another reason to (heart) pets,” AAHA PetsMatter

Hobby Farms/Agriculture:
“Capture Nature’s Bounty,” Hobby Farms magazine
“Fire Safety on the Farm,” Hobby Farms magazine
“An Introduction to Automatic Waterers,” The Horse

“Breaking Down Body Condition,” The Horse
“Fruitful Endeavors: Stallion Fertility,” Bloodhorse

“Best Tires for Bad Weather, Erie Insurance
“Review Insurance to Ensure Proper Coverage, CUNA Resource Center

Pets/Veterinary Care:
“Security on a Budget,” AAHA Trends magazine
“Ticks: These Creepy Crawlies Will Give You More Than The Willies,” AAHA PetsMatter blog

Small Business:
“Security on a Budget,” AAHA Trends magazine
“Let Photos Help Build a Strong Client Connection,” Impromed e-newsletter
“Search Me: What would a potential client find?” Impromed e-newsletter